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Favorite Child Hood Games

For my next post I'd like some input. Whats your favorite childhood game. If its something I liked as a kid ill write up something. I personally liked Ocarina of time and Majoras mask from the Zelda series.
Maybe this will bring back some memories.

If you collected all the masks in the game this was when your hard work paid off. I remember getting goose bumps here.


  1. super smash bros will always have a place in my heart

  2. What Brendan said.
    I never was much of a Zelda man myself.

  3. i like toe jam & earl, that game was a classic

  4. Id have to agree with matt, loved those games.

  5. I never got past the first town.

  6. My favorite was the Crash Bandicoot Series, well, the first three anyways; and Pokemon. How could you grown up in the 90's without that?

  7. I remember all of these games.

  8. Final Fantasy 7 was my favorite game growing up... possibly the greatest game ever made IMO

  9. i never got through the 2nd zelda game in the series for the origional NES. i could never understand it. It was like rpg based.

  10. Such a great game. Spent countless hours playing it as a kid :)

  11. Ha, oh man, this brings back good memories.

  12. Zelda Games and Final fantasy games of course. But I'll always have a place in my heart for Contra. Nothing like trying to get the Konima code to go off with a friend and screwing each other over for power-ups.

  13. Reading this thread I feel so old. My favorite was Mario Bros. on NES.

  14. man i played the shit outta this game :D

    they dont make am like this anymore, games are to easy nowadays.


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